Step into the touch revolution

Boost your presentations, interact in a collaborative way on a several meters wide wall, intuitively share your documents, write, draw, play… Experience the new interactive approach.

Any surface becomes tactile


Compatible with Windows



The ncilab devices transform any flat surfaces into interactive spaces. The technology adapts on any new or existing structures such as tables, screens or walls. Discrete and elegant, the system is smartly integrated into your premises.

The ncilab products enable the creation of interactive surfaces of any size.

nciWall creates a touch area up to 3.5 meters diagonally (140 inches). It is especially suitable for offices, classrooms and meeting rooms.

nciWall+ is a scalable nciwall up to 15 meters wide, ideal for events, sales areas, reception halls, museums…

All Microsoft Windows 7 and 8 compatible applications operate on ncilab interactive surfaces.

Ncilab also provides software solutions fully suited for interactive surfaces.

ncilab is using a very fast and accurate optical technology which allows outstanding reactivity. Writing or drawing on nciWall provides the same speed and feeling as it would with a normal pen.

The tracking algorithms are highly optimized. They will never slow down the softwares you are using even with multiple users at the same time.

The number of simultaneous user interacting on the surface is not limited. Alone or with others, create, present and share your contents.

The ncilab devices are fully multi-touch: the number of detected points is unlimited. Each user has complete control over its space. Zoom, move, rotate. Draw with your fingers, hands, stylus…

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