Designed to transform any wall into an interactive touch surface, the nciWall easily integrates into your business environment.

No screen or ad-hoc support is installed. The image is projected on the wall and it is your fingers movements on the surface that control the applications.

  • Independent of the surface
  • Easy integration
  • Multi-touch/Multi user
  • Microsoft Windows 7 and 8 compatible
  • Reliability, durability
  • Accurate and Responsive
  • Presentation software provided

Full specifications datasheet



Number of projector 1
Size (maximum interactive projected image) 118.1’’ W x 73.8’’ H
(300 cm x 187.5cm)140’’
(355cm) diagonal
16 : 10 aspect ratio
Number of simultaneous users Up to 4
Number of simultaneous touch Unlimited
Reactivity Up to 8.33 ms
OS compatibility Microsoft Windows 7 and 8
Software compatibility All Windows compatible softwares
Computer requirements The computer is provided by us with the hardware and software required for its functioning.