Designed to transform any wall into an interactive touch surface, the nciWall easily integrates into your business environment.

With all the advantages of nciWall model, nciWall+ offers a tactile area up to 15m wide. Ideal for events that bring together a large number of people such as retail spaces, reception halls or museums, nciWall+ provides a large multi-user interactive space.

  • Independent of the surface
  • Easy integration
  • Multi-touch/Multi user
  • Microsoft Windows 7 and 8 compatible
  • Reliability, durability
  • Accurate and Responsive
  • Presentation software provided

Full specifications datasheet



Size (maximum interactive projected image) 6 m (W) x 1.875 m (H) or
9 m (W) x 1.875 m (H) or
12 m (W) x 1.875 m (H) or
15 m (W) x 1.875 m (H)
Number of projector Depends on the desired size (Up to 5)
Number of simultaneous users Over 15
Number of simultaneous touch Unlimited
Reactivity Up to 8.33 ms
OS compatibility Microsoft Windows 7 and 8
Software compatibility All Windows compatible softwares
Computer requirements The computer is provided by us with the hardware and software required for its functioning.